Other Works

Poetry for adults

Skin of a Fish, Bones of a Bird
Ampersand Press, 1993, out of print, available online

as if a dry wind
Pecan Grove Press, 2009, out of print, available from the author

“This is a book of wonderful stories. The poetry they are told in is taut, spare, and muscular, yet they go softly, in a returning movement, like completely natural things–waves, or branches, or snow on the wind, or women remembering.” —Ursula LeGuin

For teachers of writing

When I Whisper, Nobody Listens: Helping Young People Write About Difficult Issues
Out of print, available from the author.

An excerpt, “Creating a Safe Learning Environment” is online.

Plays and Anthologies

Season of Dead Water, a collection of writing about the Exxon Valdez oil spill, edited by Helen Frost. Breitenbush,1990

Why Darkness Seems So Light: Young People Speak out About Violence
Pecan Grove Press, 1999, edited by Helen Frost
A collection of student writing.
Out of Print, available from the author.

A play of the same title, based on the student writing and co-authored with Harvey Cocks, was produced by Fort Wayne Youtheatre, and published by Pioneer Drama.

Nonfiction children’s books

Many non-fiction books by Helen Frost are found in libraries and available from Capstone, Lerner, Chelsea House and Red Brick Learning.