Blue Daisy


Margaret Ferguson Books, Holiday House, March 13, 2020, with illustrations by Rob Shepperson


Blue Daisy is told in two voices, Sam’s in poetry and Katie’s in prose.

When a sad-looking dog comes into their neighborhood, the two children make a big mistake, and try to find a way to make things right. But how do you apologize to a dog? Especially one that won’t come near you.

Reader's Guide for Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy guide

Quotes from Reviews

“…The two children grapple with their actions: who are the mean kids now? The book contains several scaffolds for readers just moving into longer works. Quatrains preview each of three sections, while a fourth serves as an epilogue and succinctly closes the novel. Sam’s three-line stanzas provide a nice structure for the text, and sixteen full-page black-and-white illustrations present a visual representation of the characters and highlight main points in the story.” The Horn Book
“An easy-to-read, heartwarming lesson in trust-building.” Kirkus

From Publisher’s Weekly

“Intrigued by the unfamiliar filthy dog trotting through their yards one summer day, young neighbors Sam and Katie set out to learn more about the stray and, they hope, persuade their parents to let them keep it. … Alternating chapters in differing styles… help to convey how each character communicates… Apologies offer weight in this slim volume by Frost (Applesauce Weather), and result in a more generous view of neighbors and a realization that even kind people can make mistakes.” Ages 7–10.

“…the emotions and ethical notes ring true, and kids will find much food for thought here. Shepperson’s friendly monochromatic line and watercolor art is sweet and homey…” BCCB
“…a wonderful introduction to kindness and judging others that even the youngest reader will understand.” Donna Merritt

“Are any of us above committing an act that is seemingly harmless but still less than kind? And how do we reconcile and remedy the moment that we act impulsively. . .thoughtlessly. . .before and/or against another person? Or creature?…BLUE DAISY offers the younger reader a look at how one finds and regains a trust that has been thought to have been lost (and aren’t dog characters perfectly-suited to offer these glimpses?).” Paul Hankins (see Paul’s full review on Goodreads)

Rob Shepperson gives Blue Daisy a star!


Reader's Guide for Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy guide