May 15, 2019

It’s been a busy few months since I’ve added anything here.
To catch up with things a bit—

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on two new novels, and they are both ready for cover reveals—see the pages for Blue Daisy (March, 2020) and All He Knew (August, 2020).

In March, my husband and I traveled to Macheros, Mexico to see the overwintering places of monarch butterflies—millions of them, as they lifted off from the trees in the butterfly sanctuaries and headed north. In Cerro Pelón, we rode horses up into the mountains, then hiked in a little further to the butterfly trees. About 20 of us were so quiet, we could hear the flight of the monarchs all around us. Then we rode back down to the lovely “JM’s Butterfly B&B” (check out the website for videos and more: ). Truly an experience of a lifetime.

And this past few weeks, I’ve worked with Jenny Medford, at “Websy Daisy” to create this new website. She’s great (there’s a link at the bottom of the pages if you want to learn more about her).

As this website goes live, I send huge thanks to Lloyd Thompson who (anonymously) designed my first website in 2005, and taught me how to keep it updated. I hate to see it go, but 14 years is an eternity in website-design-years, so it is time!