May 8, 2014

I’ve been unable to add to my website for a few months, just got that repaired (helpful online support from GoDaddy–thanks Ryan!).

It was a long winter and now a suddenly beautiful spring. Lilacs about to bloom here, bluebirds in residence (though probably not nesting, as the sparrows seem to have moved into the bluebird house again, after 8 weeks of bluebird ownership).

In book news:

I’m very excited to learn that HIDDEN was selected by 6th-8th graders in Kansas as the winner of the William Allen White Award. 37,000 readers voted in their awards this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of them next October.

SALT was short-listed for the Jane Addams Award, which means a lot to me even though it didn’t make it to the final three (winner and two honor books). It’s a huge honor just to know it was carefully considered in that great company. I love that award.

A new collaboration with Rick Lieder, SWEEP UP THE SUN, with gorgeous photographs of birds in flight (and a few settled on branches) is ready to go to press, and will be published next March.

A novel-in-poems for young readers (grades 2-4 or so) is finished, ready to be illustrated and designed, and will be published (probably) Fall, 2016. That title is APPLESAUCE WEATHER.

It’s nice to check in again.