November 16, 2015

Wow–it’s been a long time since I added anything to this part of my website. Not because nothing has been happening, but because I’m working hard on a novel. The novel will be finished in a few weeks, and I’m hoping to re-vamp my website, and perhaps start a blog or in some other way, do more to support our community of readers and writers.

But for now, a quick update on my forthcoming books:

Coming soon:

Spring, 2016: Among a Thousand Fireflies, a collaboration with Rick Lieder.

Fall, 2016: Applesauce Weather, a novel-in-poems for young (ages 7-10 or so) readers, with illustrations by Amy June Bates. I’ve seen the sketches and love them, and the cover.

Spring, 2017:

WAKE UP: Another collaboration with Rick Lieder about new life appearing each spring.

And also Spring, 2017, this book I’m working on now:

WHEN ABI STARTED KISSING, a novel-in-poems for middle grades (ages 10-14 or so).

Back to work!