September 6, 2017

Two of my books are much on my mind these days. It is “Applesauce Weather” here, with our apple tree offering its bounty. We try to keep up with drying and freezing the apples, and making applesauce and apple butter. These apples aren’t beautiful to look at–we need to peel them and cut around the worms–but I remember a neighbor once saying, “If the worms won’t eat ’em, they ain’t worth eatin’.” My favorite apple dish this year has been apple crisp with coconut and black walnuts added to the topping. Here’s Betty Crocker’s recipe.

The other story I think about as the days grow cooler and the leaves begin to turn is SALT: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War. The story takes place at this time of year, and it still breaks my heart to think of the people who had preserved and put up food for their winter, only to have it destroyed by invading armies.

I pick apples and hope for peace.